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Hair loss treatment for women available.
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EVOLVE are hair loss professionals providing a range of treatments and products for men and women.

Hair Loss Treatments

We at the EVOLVE CLINICS don't think hair loss is a trivial matter. We know that losing your hair, even a small amount can be a source of concern. We are here to provide hair loss treatments and help and advise you on all aspects of hair loss professionally.

Alopecia is an autoimmune pathology. In other words, the immune system attacking the body's own tissues, in this case, hair follicles. Unlike other autoimmune conditions, alopecia will not affect your health in any other way. Its only symptom is hair loss. This may only be temporary but in some cases can be permanent. Either way, hair loss or the change in you appearance can, of course seriously affect your self confidence.

Should you feel that your hair loss is having a negative effect on the way you feel about yourself then help is at hand. We at the EVOLVE CLINICS can advise and guide you through a whole range of tailored hair loss treatments to help you maintain the natural look of your hair. We will aim to find a solution that suits your degree of hair loss and your life style. We offer our own, remarkable, patented volumizer hair system as well as non-surgical Mayfair hair systems.


Hair Replacement

Hair replacement as opposed to hair restoration is a non-surgical approach to treating hair loss. These hair systems are tailor made toupees. The durable yet light weight, comfortable and breathable mesh into which natural hair is knotted, never glued, is itself carefully matched to your skin tone by a highly trained hair system designer who will have taken a mould of your head to design what will become your new hair line taking into account numerous factors like age, natural hair partings and, of course, your preferred look. Hair system designers really are artists!

The type of hair used in your hair system is then matched to you primarily on the basis of ethnicity – for clients of  Asian origin, say, we would use Indian hair and for Europeans, hair from Europe. The hair is then matched for colour:  the hair system can be dyed to the client's own colour.

When the hair system is ready it is adhered to the head to prevent slippage using your preferred method of liquid or tape adhesive or clips. Then comes the most exciting part: cutting in. In this final stage of hair replacement the designer will aim to make your hair look completely natural to you just as it was before you lost it, unless, of course, you want something totally different!

Hair Loss Remedies

At the EVOLVE CLINICS we only offer hair loss remedies that are proven to work. Losing hair can be traumatic and should you decide to treat your hair loss then we will be happy to help. If at all possible trying to re-grow your natural hair is the best option. To that end we offer two main therapies as hair loss remedies - laser hair therapy and topical hair re-growth therapy. 

Laser re-growth therapy is a six month long course that combines low light lasers with topical products such as the world renowned Rogaine, and our own DHT blocker (DHT - the enzyme that in conjunction with androgens makes hair fall out). The laser therapy can be accessed at our clinic or a portable unit brought to you.

Our DHT blocker is also an important ingredient in our topical hair re-growth therapy. It is used alongside our hair nutritionals, detoxifiers and rejuvenators not only to encourage healthy re-growth but to prevent further hair loss. To really maximise the benefits of the hair loss remedies we recommend using our DEA free scalp shampoos, conditioners and protein treatments. Hand held laser combs can also be used to take this therapy up another notch.

Hair Loss

The hair loss treatments for men, women and children provided at Evolve Hair Clinic are tailored to your precise requirements. We’ll start with a detailed diagnostic programme, to determine the precise cause of your hair loss – and then our teams of highly qualified consultants will devise the treatment programme best suited to your needs... Read More

Our treatments include laser hair therapy; hair re-growth therapy; hair extensions; and hair replacement. In each case we will recommend the course of treatment that we believe will give you the most satisfying results, and restore your hair to its natural look.

Some hair loss incidents are purely natural – the result of the normal ageing process. If you are concerned about losing your hair as you age, we at Evolve hair can help. From volumising treatments to actual hair replacement, we have a suite of treatments here that can help you restore a younger look, and regain your self-confidence.

One of the key elements in treating hair loss successfully is to follow a regimented course of action over time. To this end, your Evolve hair consultants can arrange a complete programme of hair care, which aims to arrest any balding and encourage your hair to grow as naturally and as thickly as possible. For more information please contact us.

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Hair Regrowth Therapy

Hair Regrowth Therapy

The most ideal hair loss treatment is one which allows you to grow back your own hair and to prevent further hair loss. Our multi-therapeutic approach to hair regrowth has proven to be effective with those who suffer particular hair loss conditions. Our medically-supervised programs are custom designed to address the client's unique hair loss situation. Schedule a free consultation today.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery

Meet with our accomplished, Board-certified surgeons to determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. Hair transplant surgery techniques have vastly improved over the past decade, producing stunning results that restore your natural look with your own growing hair. Consultations are free.

Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement

Evolve's hair systems are among the industry's premiere non-surgical hair replacement solutions for both men and women. Our hair systems are virtually undetectable and will give you not only a strong head of hair but will help to restore you sense of well-being.

Volumizer Hair Systems

Volumizer Hair Systems

Evolve offers a unique solution for those with thinning hair or those who simply desire thicker, fuller hair. Our innovative and patented Volumizer Hair System integrates seamlessly and naturally with your own existing hair, delivering a near-perfect thinning-hair solution that provides instant volume.